Carlton Residential Update

Due to COVID 19 Educational guidance the re-arranged visit to Carlton will not take place in October. We have re-scheduled the residential to take place on February 1st 2021. We apologise for any inconvenience this may cause.

School Uniform

As of September Brougham will be using Parent Pay to pay for school meals and trips, we will no longer accept cash. As we are currently setting up the system if you would like to order uniform please contact the supplier direct. The details are as follows;
Elizabeths Embroidery – 01642 674973

School Meal Vouchers

As you are aware the government has decided to issue the school meal vouchers for over the six week summer holiday. Every child that is entitled to free school meals will be issued with a £90 voucher. However, the school have to order the school meal vouchers for this period by Thursday 9th July so if you feel you are eligible for free school meals please apply before this date. We will not be able to process any vouchers after that date for new claimants.
If you are already eligible for FSM, you will automatically receive a voucher during the holidays and you do not need to do anything further.



The Children’s Hub are now taking applications for Free 2 Year Old Nursery Funding for September 2020. Please go to the following website to make your application as soon as possible

Call Bobbie Swales or Kim Rowntree on 01429 284284 if you have any questions.

FSM vouchers Update

The present set of school meal vouchers is only for two weeks (W/C 1st & 8th of June).
School are ordering the next set which will be for 4 weeks (W/C 15th, 22nd, 29th of June and 6th of July)

Partial School re- opening

Please see below a letter regarding school re-opening.

Monday 1st June 2020

To all parents and carers associated with

Ad Astra Academy Trust

Dear Parents/Carers,

On behalf of the Trustees of Ad Astra Academy Trust I would just like to thank you for your support during this pandemic. You have had to balance child-care, home learning and for many of you, this has been alongside working from home. I have to say how impressed I have been with the amazing examples of home learning I have seen on social media.

Our Trustees confirmed today that for some year groups partial wider re-opening will start as planned on 8th June. I know your headteacher has already been in touch with you regarding which year groups start first.

One of our Trust values is ‘Togetherness’ and never has this been more evident in the collaborative work I have evidenced in the last few months. Ad Astra Academy Trust since the lockdown has seen over 2000 sessions accessed by children of key workers and those who are vulnerable.

I understand you will be very nervous about your child returning to school, but I can promise you the thought and planning that has gone into this has been incredible. The safety of our pupils and our staff is paramount. Each school is currently completing a detailed risk assessment. These will be shared with you on the school website prior to opening.

Once again, as we commence the final half term of the academy year, thank you for everything you have done and will continue to do, we will get through this together.

Yours Sincerely,

Andy Brown OBE

Chief Executive Officer

Government’s phased return to school

Dear Parents/Carers,
As you will have seen in the Government’s recent announcements, there will be a phased return to school for children who are in Year 6, Reception and Year 1. Tomorrow and Monday class teachers will contact you via telephone to discuss this with you further.

For parents/carers of those children who are not in the year groups outlined above, please rest assured that once there are plans for the return of children in Nursery and Years 2,3,4 and 5, school will contact you to discuss this.

Take care and Stay Safe.

Important transition information for parents of Year 6 children

Dear Parent/Carer

We would like to update you on some exciting new developments that will take place across all schools in Hartlepool.

Each of our children’s journeys through education, from primary to secondary, is our key priority and we are always looking to improve that journey.

We have been working closely with all Hartlepool schools to think about how we can best support all children in their transition to secondary school. Together we have developed a new process to share information so that we can ensure that the right support is available to your child from the moment they start their new school. One of the ways that we can help with this transition is to ensure that the secondary school is in a position, at the start of term, to support your child in all the ways we did in primary school.  This can only happen if the secondary school is aware of the information held by us.

As you will know from our Privacy Notice on our website we are legally required to transfer information as described in The Education (Pupil Information) (England) Regulations 2005. However, this year, using the new processes we are hoping to share additional information (if we hold it) with your child’s secondary school, such as your child’s:

  • Learning style;
  • Social & emotional development and behaviour;
  • Punctuality;
  • Early Help/Social Care involvement;
  • Child and family Circumstances;
  • Home to School Partnership arrangements;
  • Friendship groups.

The above information will be shared to highlight any areas of strength as well as areas that your child may need support. If necessary additional conversations will be held to ensure your child’s needs are met in their new school. 

Under normal circumstances, we would have discussed this with you in person and involved you in the transition process, however, due to the current COVID-19 situation, this has not been possible.  I would therefore, ask that if you have any concerns about us transferring this additional information to your child’s secondary school then please contact the school on 01429 273663 before 22nd May 2020

Many Thanks

Mrs J Thomas

Important message from the CEO of Ad Astra Academy Trust Andy Brown OBE

Dear Parents/Carers,
I am writing to you as the CEO of Ad Astra Academy Trust, of which your school is a member.
You will have undoubtedly seen that as part of the Prime Minister’s recovery strategy he is asking schools to extend their opening to more pupils from June 1st (dependent upon government scientific advice at the time). I understand that you will be very nervous about this. First and foremost, I can assure you that everyone in the Ad Astra family would like to see all of our children back at school, enjoying their learning and socialising with their friends as soon as possible. I do not underestimate how difficult this has been for our children, for you as parents and for our staff. However, I know that you will only want this to happen if you, your children and school staff feel safe and comfortable in doing so.
In order to give you some reassurance, I promise that;
1. The safety of our pupils, parents and staff is of the utmost importance to us and this will be at the very heart of any plans that we develop.
2. We are committed to ensuring the welfare and wellbeing of all pupils and staff.
3. We will make sure our plans are developed and assessed carefully and sensibly, taking into consideration all advice and guidance that is available to us.
In his speech, the Prime Minister was quite clear that 1st June is the earliest date that we can begin the process of opening more widely. I am sure you will understand that in order to manage this safely, there is a lot of planning and organisation required. The Headteacher of your school is already working hard with their staff to plan how this can be achieved. I am confident that a cautious, planned approach has the best chance of success.
Finally, please be assured once again that safety is our main priority. I want all pupils, staff and parents to feel safe and comfortable coming back into school and I look forward to the day when we can welcome everyone back in this way.
The Department for Education published some guidance for parents and carers that you may be interested in. You can find this at the following address;
I will be back touch again once there is any further information to share with you.
Warmest wishes

Andy Brown OBE
Chief Executive Officer, Ad Astra Academy Trust

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