Our Curriculum

At Brougham Primary School we feel strongly that the curriculum needs to foster creativity and to be driven by what the pupils in Brougham Primary need. The drivers for our curriculum are: 

Possibilities To explore possibilities, to challenge stereotypes especially gender, to be the best they can be

Belonging To develop respect of each other, to know their place in the community and how to look after it.

Confidence Emotional and physical security, confidence, to know that failure is part of the learning process and to develop self esteem.

Initiative To be independent learners, solve problems, have aspirations for their future and good life skills.

These drivers ensure that wherever possible the curriculum is delivered in a way that explores these issues. We believe that the school motto “We care, we share, we learn” embodies this. Great care has been given to ensure correct coverage of the National Curriculum and that assessment has been built in.

Long Term Framework for Subject Areas

Literacy Lessons

Once children have completed the Read, write Inc program they join a literacy group. Within these groups, children complete a wide range of literacy activities to develop their reading, writing and speaking and listening skills based around a selected text. Wherever possible these texts are linked to the children’s current topic. During these sessions, a large emphasis on developing each child’s reading comprehension skills along with their writing composition ability which includes an understanding of grammatical structures. Children from year 2 to year 6 take part in these sessions and therefore throughout their primary school career the children are given the opportunity to access a wide range of texts which aims to develop a love of reading and writing for pleasure.

English Long Term Framework Primary National Curriculum

Spring 1 LTF English


Maths Long Term Framework - Primary National Curriculum

Whole School Foundation Subjects

Autumn 1

Remembrance Day

Autumn 2

Dangerous Curriculum

Christmas Day

Spring 1

St George's Day

Spring 2

Dangerous Curriculum

Summer 1

Summer 2

Dangerous Curriculum

Reception Year A 2019-2020

(We are currently changing our curriculum. Any changes will be updated as soon as they are available.)




Traditional Tales

*Listen to and retell traditional tales. *Bake and taste food relating to traditional tales. *Learn and sing rhymes. *Invite role models into the setting to read traditional tales to the children. * Visit the forest school.


Year 1 and 2 Year A 2019-2020

(We are currently changing our curriculum. Any changes will be updated as soon as they are available.)


A Stitch in Time

* Designing and making our own stuffed toy

* Evaluating existing stuffed toys

*Learning sewing skills



*Exploring and discussing the work of L.S Lowry *Creating landscapes using paints and drawing matchstick characters in the style of Lowry. *Drawing and evaluating self- portraits using a range of techniques. *Developing our drawing and painting skills. Exploring the work of Picasso.


Year 3 and 4 Year A 2019-2020

(We are currently changing our curriculum. Any changes will be updated as soon as they are available.)




We will describe and undertand key aspects of physical geography , incluidng coasts, cliffs and beaches, paying particular atttention to Hartlepool.


We will use different types of pencil to scribble and shade. We will use pressure to create hard and soft lines and use soft lines to plan a drawing.



*Learn all about the Roman invasion of Britain. *Understand the lasting legacy the Romans left in Britain. *Examine the Roman Emperors. *Explore how our local area has changed due to the Romans. *Trip to Vindolanda to widen our experiences and analyse artefacts. *Forest school to make Roman weapons.


Year 5 and 6 Year A 2019- 2020

(We are currently changing our curriculum. Any changes will be updated as soon as they are available.)


World War Two

* Trip to Eden Camp Museum

* Research and write about the Blitz

* Blitz artwork in the style of Henry Moore

* Using digital art to create a proganda poster

* Prepare a family meal using rationing recipes

* Replicate and produce commorative artwork

* Create a Blitz soundscape


Climate Change

*What causes climate change? *Polar ice caps. *Rising sea levels. *Coral reefs. *Flooding. *How people are affected by climate change. *What can we do to help? *Our carbon footprint.


Brougham Primary Progression Documents

National Curriculum Documents

National Curriculum documents for all subject areas, can be accessed here.

Want to know more about the curriculum at Brougham?

If you require any more details about the curriculum your child is following, please speak to your child's class teacher for further information. If you are a prospective parent and would like to find out more information about the curriculum at Brougham Primary School, please contact S Blake on 01429 273663.