Brougham Primary School

Christmas 2019

Wednesday 4th December

10.15 – Pre school Christmas Craft session

2.10pm- Nursery Christmas Craft Session

Thursday 5th December

School Fayre- Children to be collected at 1.00pm- Hall doors will open soon after.

Friday 6th December

PD Day- School is closed to children

Tuesday 10th December

9.30am -KS1 Performance to parents and babies

2.00pm- KS1 Performance to KS1 parents

Wednesday 11th December

Christmas Lunch

Friday 13th December

11am- KS2 Performance to parents and babies

2.00pm- KS2 Performance to KS2 parents

Monday 16th December

9.30AM: Early years singing to parents

1.30PM: Early years singing to parents

Tuesday 17th December

PM: KS1 Party

Wednesday 18th December

AM: Preschool singalong

PM: Lower KS2 party

PM: Preschool singalong

Thursday 19th December

AM: Reception party

PM: Upper KS2 party

Friday 20th December

9.30AM: Cinderella Pantomime

1.30PM: Carol service (church)

2.30PM: School closes

Flu Vaccination Consent

We are due to deliver the flu vaccinations in your school on 14 November 2019 and are very grateful for the support you have given us so far in getting the message out to parents and carers.

Public Health England has set the target for uptake of nasal flu vaccination in school at 65% this year and we are very keen to achieve this in order to protect our children, school staff, families and wider community.

As a final push can we ask that you send a reminder to parents to complete their child’s consent form either via email, text, Facebook, school app, school notice board or however you communicate with parents? 

The information parents need is the link

and the school code, which for your school is – 142965​

and the deadline date for submission of electronic forms is 72 hours prior to us visiting your school.

Yours sincerely

Karen Guest-Humphries

Clinical Lead, Childhood Immunisation Team, Durham, Darlington and Teesside.​

Newsletter – 10th October 2018

Last Day of Term – Friday 25th October

First Day Back – Monday 4th November

Spooky Friday

As part of our school fundraising this year, we will be celebrating Halloween on Friday 25th October. Children can pay £1 donation to school funds to come to school in Halloween costumes; filling the classrooms with frightening faces and devilish disguises! It will be a fun day for children and all funds raised will be used for trips and treats for the whole school throughout the year. Home made costumes are great fun to make with the children so we do not want our families to feel they must spend lots on shop bought items.

Halloween Magic Show

On Thursday 24th October, we will be having a Halloween Magic Show.  This will take place straight after school and finish at 4.30pm, and your child will need to be collected from their normal doors at 4.45pm. The cost of the show is £3.50 per child but this will include a hot dog, sweets and a drink.  The £3.50 must be paid to your child’s class teacher (NOT AT THE OFFICE) by Tuesday 22nd October. Any child that has not paid will be dismissed at 3.00pm from their normal doors.

Winter Clothing

Now the colder weather is here, could you please make sure your child comes to school with a warm coat. The children still play outside at break and at lunchtime and they need to be suitably clothed.

Wake Up Shake Up

If you would like your child to go to Wake Up Shake Up on a morning, could you please make sure that your child is at the sports hall doors at 8.25am.  If you arrive later than 8.25am, please take your child to their door and wait for the doors to be opened at 8.40am.

Spooky Friday

On Friday 25th October, children will be invited to dress in spooky outfits for the day. There will a £1 donation on the day.

Eden Camp

Year 5 and 6 are visiting Eden Camp on Wednesday 2nd October. The bus will leave at 8.30 prompt. Please ensure that your child is at school for 8.20 with their school uniform, a warm coat and comfortable footwear. They will need a packed lunch and can also bring up to £5 pocket money.

The bus will return at approximately 5.30pm.


It’s National Head Lice Awareness Month!

The only way to be sure someone has head lice is by finding live lice!

How to get rid of head lice

Treat head lice as soon as you spot them.

Check everyone in the house and start treating anyone who has head lice on the same day.

(There’s no need to keep your child off school if they have head lice.)

Wet combing

Lice and nits can be removed by wet combing. You should try this method first.

You can buy a special fine-toothed comb (detection comb) online or from pharmacies to remove head lice and nits.

There may be instructions on the pack, but usually you:

  • wash hair with ordinary shampoo
  • apply lots of conditioner (any conditioner will do)
  • comb the whole head of hair, from the roots to the ends

Do wet combing on days 1, 5, 9 and 13 to catch any newly hatched head lice. Check again that everyone’s hair is free of lice on day 17.

Medicated lotions and sprays

Ask a pharmacist for advice if you have tried wet combing for 17 days, but your child still has live head lice. They may recommend using medicated lotions and sprays. These kill head lice in all types of hair and you can buy them from pharmacies.

If you have tried the above and your child still has head lice – please speak to the school nurse (via your child’s school) who can offer advice and support.

You cannot prevent head lice!

There’s nothing you can do to prevent head lice.

You can help stop them spreading by wet or dry combing regularly to catch them early.

Do not use medicated lotions and sprays to prevent head lice. They can irritate the scalp.

There’s no need for children to stay off school or to wash laundry on a hot wash.

Some treatments are not recommended because they’re unlikely to work.

For further information on head lice and nits please view the following:

Dates for your diary

School will close on Friday 19th July for the Summer Break.

We will re- open on Tuesday 3rd September.

From all at Brougham Primary, we wish you a happy and safe holiday and we look forward to seeing the children return in September.

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