We Care, We Share, We Learn

Brougham Primary School is a community school in Hartlepool and covers the age range 2 to 11 years.



The government has announced today an e-voucher/e-gift card scheme for pupils who are eligible for benefits-related free school meals.  All schools are awaiting further information on the scheme so that we can roll the programme out.


The e-vouchers/e-gift cards are for term time only and we are working through the detail as we receive the information.  Our plan is to continue as we have been, offering packed lunches, until after the Easter holidays, but if we can, we will claim your e-voucher/e-gift card this week.


For the next 3 weeks we will continue to provide FSM’s as we have been so please continue to come into your school to collect your FSM. This will be on Mondays and Thursdays during the Easter Break.  We will inform you of further information as soon as we have it.


FSM provision is changing after Easter. If you receive FSM and haven’t already given your email to the school then please phone and do so. In order to receive your voucher we need this information by Friday 3rd April.

We will continue to provide packed lunches until 20th April.

The number of children on the school roll is presently 287 with a further 41 nursery children attending part time. The school is modern in design and has a variety of teaching areas and includes a large multi purpose hall as well as a small hall, enclosed spaces and practical areas.

The school offers inviting and interesting surroundings providing a sense of purpose and security where children can feel comfortable and secure and are able to develop together. We endeavour to provide plenty of practical work and hands on experiences, as we believe that children learn much more quickly when activities are real and consolidated by personal actions. We give high priority to numeracy, literacy and oracy.

Mission Statement

Brougham Primary School is committed to ensuring that children acquire the necessary educational and social skills to prepare them for the next stage of their development.

We aim to:
Provide the full educational entitlement which meets the individual needs of every child Provide quality learning experiences and activities which are differentiated to cater for individual needs Give high priority to literacy, numeracy and oracy Encourage and develop greater parental involvement and support Celebrate success and achievement to promote positive self esteem and aspirations Have high expectations of children’s achievements and behaviour Involve each child in active participation in the planning and assessment of his/her work Develop an environment in school which promotes a sense of community and belonging and where children can exercise personal and social skills of independence, team work, self awareness, self respect and respect for others Enrich the curriculum through contacts with organisations, agencies, individuals and experiences outside school Enhance the skills and experiences of staff Provide encouragement and support
For our school to accomplish these aims we need to work closely with the family. The education of young children should be promoted through a partnership in which both the home and the school play their parts to the full in order to raise standards of achievement and develop the child as a successful individual.